The Babyclava

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Welcome to your new favorite winter hat! The Babyclava's pull-on, throw-proof design keeps baby's ears, forehead and neck cozy, while the Merino Wool fabrication naturally regulates the temperature inside. Best of all, the cuddly, soft wool frames your little one's gorgeous face to make their cheeks look extra pinchable.

The Babyclava is handmade, so no two are exactly alike. Each is a unique piece, knit with love.

The Babyclava uses classic knitting techniques to shape the head without any sewing or piece work, making it beautifully durable and flexible. 

Ribbed around the face and neck. Garter stitched around the head. Asymmetrical at side seams. 

Wash cold. Lay flat to dry. 

Our Cornflower, Lilac and Natural Babyclavas are made from 100% traceable, ethically-produced Merino Wool. The base white in our Marigold and Natural Babyclavas is also 100% traceable and ethically-produced. 

Size Chart

 Size Head
1-3 Months 15 39
3-6 Months 16.5 42
6-12 Months 17.5 45
1-2 Years 19 48
2-4 Years 20 51

Not suitable for sleep.